Tumul K'in Center of Learning is a registered non-governmental Maya Organization that responds to the challenges of poverty and marginalization in rural Toledo by promoting a sustainable development with identity through intercultural education, training and research fusing modern and Maya values, knowledge and philosophy. Tumul K'in is a Mopan Maya word that means "A new Day", a name that is quite fitting since this institution, via its programmatic areas of work, offers a new light and a new hope for the Maya people of Toledo and Belize.

Tumul K'in is located in the heartland of Toledo on 500 acres of land neighbouring the beautiful village of Blue Creek. It was established in response to the high poverty rate among the Maya people of Toledo; the erosion of the socio-cultural fabric, identity and traditional knowledge; the lack of educational opportunities for rural youth, especially culturally relevant education and the need to link education with development. Most importantly, it was established to capitalize on the potential offered by the integration of the millenary wisdom and knowledge of the Maya with modern science and technology for the development of the Maya people and Belize as a whole.

Since its inception in 2002, Tumul K'in has made it through what can be called an experimental phase and has now become a mature and recognized organization. Being acknowledged for its innovativeness and for its potential for contributing to a development with identity in Toledo by our stakeholders, partners, and beyond, heightens the need to approach our work with great responsibility and commitment.

As a part of Tumul K'in's effort to be sustainable, Tumul K'in newest program addition is the Eco-cultural tourism initiative. Through this initiative, Tumul K'in is able to host meetings and conference comfortably for a party of 35. Catering is also done upon request. Please visit the eco-tourism page for more information

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Maya Day 2012

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Maya Day

Tumul K'in Center of Learning places as its number one priority a commitment to delivering a quality secondary intercultural education through its Residential Program.

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In alignment with Tumul K'in Center of Learning's practice of following Maya values, Community outreach is not only embedded into the philosophies but are actively pursued and practiced.
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